Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

 Ellie had her 2nd birthday and got silky giraffe jammies.
She loves these green rubber rain boots we bought at DI for $2

RJ says he's going to be a doctor when he grows up to be like his dad.
The hospital had a teddy bear clinic when we went to visit Rhett for lunch when he was working a 24 hour shift and RJ got the headband and cast on the stuffed animal.  
He made me call him "Dr. Crapo" the rest of the day and tried to sleep in the hat thing.

We're visiting my mom in St. George and Ellie loves to wear her older cousins shoes--only the boy shoes and their hats when they come over.
She also has a constant runny nose.
She went over to play at the cousins house and Katie the only girl in her family was going to give Ellie her too small dress ups and tried to play barbies with her.
Katie said later: "I think Ellie is a tom-boy.  She just threw down my barbies and dress ups and played with  the trucks instead."

Isabella is 2.5 months old and is the 2nd baby born in my family, here she is with her cousin Striker. 

While visiting my parents in St. George I found a bike for RJ for $15 at D.I.
Grandpa fixed the front tire and added training wheels for us.  
All the little boys crowded around for the project. 

Ellie is a maniac.
Terrible twos has manifest in her as an energizer bunny that doesn't play with toys but explores and makes messes everywhere.
This is what happens when she finally runs out of steam, collapsed behind the couch.
The big roll of paper our the house plans for a future house we hope to build after we move.

Ellie liked helping Grandma build a spice rack.

After swimming watching a show with all the cousins. 

Mom and Izzie.

 Went to Pioneer Park in St. George to climb on the rocks.

Grandma with all 3 kids.

Isabella is getting more interactive and starting to smile at us once in a while.
Most people comment on her hair and how blue her eyes are for a little baby.

Me and all 3 kids at the park.

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Staci said...

wish i would of known you were here..i would of loved to see you and the babes!